Random Act Of Kindness

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Random Act Of Kindness

Post by Admin on Wed Sep 16, 2015 11:33 pm

Last Thursday I got an RAOK in the mail. RAOK stands for Random Act Of Kindness. There's this woman who makes her own soy candles. Last month I told her which one I wanted and I asked her if she'd be able to hold it for me until I would be able to buy it sometime this month. She said that she would and then about a month later (which was last Thursday) I get it in the mail. A card came with it and the card said that another person wanted to RAOK the pendant that they won from her, and she didn't just want to send me the pendant so she put it inside the wax of the candle that I chose and she was giving it to me for free. You have no idea what that act of kindness meant to me. I was, and still am, so humbled by what she did. It did more than just put a smile on my face. I cried tears of joy. It was one of the most beautiful and amazing acts of kindness. The very next day I sent her a Thank You card. Her business isn't big. She's the only person involved in her business. Her company is called Waxidents. You can find her company on Etsy. I have pictures of the candle. She also sent me some wax melts which are also in the picture. I haven't lit the candle yet because it needs to cure until September 20th. She doesn't always make candles in regular jars. Sometimes, she does, but not all the time. She makes most of them in stuff that can be repurposed. I took some pictures, but for some reason I'm unable to share them here. I know that I could wait until September 20th to light the candle, but I want to wait longer because I'm planning on getting a new digital camera and I want to use it to record myself getting the jewelry out of the candle.


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