Living life in happiness

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Living life in happiness

Post by Admin on Tue Sep 01, 2015 9:54 am

As you know, a couple days ago I said that I'll have a really good blog post. Well, here it is.

Did you know you can consciously pay attention to 7 bits of information in one second? Sounds like a lot until you realize the human eye can actually take in over 500,000 bits of info per second! The conclusion? You literally create your reality by what you pay attention to in life.

If you’re walking down the street, you may notice graffiti on the wall, dirt on the road, someone parked too close to someone else, someone dressed a little strangely, etc. Or you may notice the fresh and crisp air, the sun peeking out from a cloud, a person with a big smile… you get the picture.

The same thing happens in your life. That to which you give your attention (whether negative or positive) can frame your day. The natural segue is that all of us should focus on the good stuff, right? It’s not that easy. Humans are naturally attracted to the negative (the negativity bias). And some of us are attracted to it more than others.

For those of you thinking, “Wait, I pay attention to both negative and positive things because I’m a realist. I don’t want to ignore bad things or I might be blindsided.” I want to point out that finding positive elements in your life is not mutually exclusive from realism. In other words, optimists can be realists, just as much as pessimists. I’m not saying ignore the bad; I’m saying start paying attention to some of the good and you will start to feel and operate differently.

Did you know that optimists have been found to be more creative, more productive, make more money, and have better immune systems? What I’m telling you is that you are not condemned to be one way (an optimist) or another (a pessimist) based on your genes. Optimism can be practiced and increased – optimism can be learned.

Here is your mission: First, figure out what you do naturally. Do you naturally attend to more of the negative or positive in your life? Second, compensate or overcompensate by consciously looking for things that are good. Focus your attention on things that are good. You need to tip the balance of your attention in the favor of the positive.

Today, when you are on the street, in your car, at home, or at work, pay attention to the good – in fact, seek it out like it is a scavenger hunt. See how this practice changes your day.

Remember, all good things require action!


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