What it means to be strong

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What it means to be strong

Post by Admin on Wed Aug 26, 2015 12:57 pm

Being strong doesn't mean that you won't feel pain if someone hurts you. It means having enough energy that when you are faced with a tough situation that drains you, you still manage to find a little more to get through it and to act. It's what keeps us going. People admire inner strength in others thinking they don't have it, but I think most us are stronger than we give ourselves credit for.

Being strong means never giving up the fight to survive no matter how weak, hopeless, or completely powerless you feel. Being strong means that you fight until there is absolutely nothing left. And after there is absolutely nothing left, you find something else to go on.

Being strong is striving to do your best regardless of how difficult the task may be. you don't even necessarily have to succeed, trying your best and falling short of your goal doesn't diminish the value of your effort.

I have been in situations where I come off put together but inside I'm struggling with myself along with everything else. I know that it's difficult and that you don't understand why people would see you that way but despite what it may feel like you are strong. Because you are fighting with your emotions which alone sometimes feels like a battle that cannot be won. And on top of that your dealing with everyday life which alone is one great challenge.

I came out stronger.


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