Finding common ground between men and women

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Finding common ground between men and women

Post by Admin on Sun Aug 05, 2018 6:40 pm

Men are just as special as women, so I decided to write something that is usually written in reference to women, but should also be for men in my humble opinion.

A lady is the feminine equivalent of a gentleman. (A gentleman would not only be polite, courteous and kind, he would also respect a woman by not trying to kiss or touch her if she says that she only wants to be friends. A lady is the same way.)

You don't have to feel bad about rejecting a woman's advances if you only want to be friends, and a woman should respect that. A lady will respect it. I used to only be half right about what it meant to be a lady or a gentleman. It wasn't until I saw the ways of a gentleman with my own eyes that I knew what a gentleman is, and also what a lady should be.

If you set boundaries, a woman should respect your boundaries. It's up to each person whether or not they want to set boundaries though. I'm not a feminist who thinks that women are angels and men are the only ones who need decent qualities. Women need to have decent qualities too, and it's time for feminists to see that not all men are bad. I understand where feminists fears come from when women get killed or raped by men, but out of the almost 8 Billion people in this whole world, it's not that big of a number of men who would hurt a woman compared to all the men in the world. The majority of them wouldn't. Men are special too, and it's time for someone to speak for them instead of against them.


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