How depression is Kicking my ass!

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How depression is Kicking my ass!

Post by Admin on Thu Mar 08, 2018 12:51 am

I didn't expect my life to be perfect when I moved back here. I didn't expect to have perfect days every day of the year. What I do expect is to have my feelings respected. I live with my sister who has schizophrenia, and all she has been doing is treating me bad. She screams and yells at me, and accuses me of saying and doing things that I'm not. I would never do anything to hurt her or anyone else. Today was the last straw. She told the police that I cut her juggular, and popped her eardrum. If I did those things, she would be bleeding out all over the place. That kind of behavior has been going on for weeks, non stop. It's causing me to get severely depressed. I wish I didn't have to move back. I really loved it up north. The longer I live here, the harder it gets to withstand her accusations, and her lies. She lies about me when she says that I say and do things that I'm not doing. This is what happens when she refuses to take her medication. I can't force her to take it, but a mental health facility worker can. The police took her to the mental health facility today... or yesterday, because it's now past midnight. But she's back home because she didn't want to stay there. So what's going to happen? Am I going to be severely hurt, or worse one of these days because of her? I really fear that she's just going to snap one of these days and try to hurt me. I changed my cell phone number today because I don't want her to have it anymore, especially if she's going to treat me badly. She hasn't tried calling me, so she doesn't know that I changed it, at least not yet. I just want to be there for her, and I want her to know that I care for her, but that's not helping because the people who are there for her are the ones she hates the most. I guess we'll see what will happen.


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