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Where I've been

Post by Admin on Fri Feb 16, 2018 3:08 pm

Hello world....

I know it's been almost a year since my last blog post, and here's why...

Last year in April I had to move where there was no internet, no computer or anything. Why, you ask? Well, my mom lived up North. (I'm originally from the South. My mom moved up there after her and my dad got divorced. My dad was the one who got custody of me and my 3 older siblings.) Anyways, moving on. My mom had cancer and she needed a caregiver. That's where I came in. Mom was on an SSI income, and she couldn't afford the internet or a computer, so I had to forgo those things when I decided to move up there and become her caregiver.

My mom passed away in August of last year, and not long after that, I met some people who just moved in next door. They were two bachelors living together, one of which has become one of my greatest friends. I consider the other guy a friend also, but I'm closer to the first one I mentioned. Both of them are a couple decades older than me, and we're pretty much at the same maturity level. One of the things I value about our friendship is the fact that we can just hang out and laugh together, and also... I can trust these guys with my life. They were always saying that if anybody tries to hurt me, or if anyone doesn't take 'no' for an answer, all I have to do is call them and they'll make sure that I'm safe. Those are some of the nicest gentlemen I've ever known. I'm glad that I put forth effort to get to know them because usually I just keep to myself.

Last month, I moved back down South to live with family. I tried to get a job up North, but it didn't work out for me so I had to move. I didn't think it would be right for my dad to continue paying my rent when I wasn't getting anywhere. My dad is extremely decent. Starting in December, I also had this new landlord who was a total jerk. I didn't like the way he treated the tenants at all, so I wanted to leave. One of my neighbors told me that she needed some repairs done, so she called the landlord and asked him if he could do the repairs, but he refused to do it. He said she should take care of it. How is she going to take care of the repairs when she's not a handy person? Not only that, but she was on a fixed income and couldn't afford to hire a handyman. I don't like the way the landlord treated me either. One night I locked my front door and forgot the key, and I called the landlord and asked him if he could come to my house and unlock my door for me since he had an extra key, and he wouldn't do it. My neighbors helped me though. They got one of my windows open for me so I could climb through. The old landlord was so cool, and one of the nicest people you could meet. No one in the neighborhood liked the new one. Half the people who were my neighbors, were moving because of him. That guy really ticked a lot of people off. I'm glad I don't have to deal with that landlord anymore.

I really loved that city up North. It was a huge city, compared to here, and there were so many fun things to do there. And you could walk to town instead of driving. Here you absolutely have to know how to drive because the grocery stores aren't within walking distance. I'd love to move back to that city if I can. The winter weather didn't bother me because if I got too cold, I was able to bundle up more than I would here, and I was ok with that. I didn't mind the snow, I just didn't like the ice. The snow was so pretty. Very Happy

Now, here I sit, typing away on this computer. I used to do a little bit of paid online surveys, but I didn't sign up for very many websites so I wasn't getting paid very much. Since I've been back, I signed up for 30 or more paid survey sites, so we'll see if I can make a good deal of money with that. I tried applying for caregiver jobs here, but they expect their caregivers to have a driver's license, and proof of car insurance, and I don't drive so I couldn't get hired. I'm trying everything I can to make my own money though.


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