My Alphabet Quotations

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My Alphabet Quotations

Post by Admin on Mon Apr 03, 2017 11:53 am

I did one of these ages ago, but I've changed a lot since my teen years, so I decided to do one again.

My Alphabet Quotations

Acquire Strength
Be yourself
Cherish what's important to you
Dare to live life to the fullest
Enjoy the company of others
Find something positive to think about every day
Give to others whenever possible
Have a sense of self-worth
Invite people out
Join in the fun
Keep calm in stressful situations
Love deeply, and without regrets
Make time for yourself
Never put a price on love
Open your heart
Prepare yourself to overcome every obstacle you face
Quit complaining about what you can't control, and be happy with what you have
Recognize your faults so you could do better
Seize the day (Carpe Diem!)
Treat yourself to something you want once in a while
Unveil your heart
View each day as a new start
Wine and dine, if you can
Xenophobia is irrational
Yearn for acceptance, and find it
Zealously walk in truth


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