Life gets in the way

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Life gets in the way

Post by Admin on Sun Oct 02, 2016 7:26 pm

A lot has been happening in my life. It's been crazy!

My 62 year old mother lives up north, and she was raped. She didn't know her attacker. Finding out that she was raped made me feel so bad for her.

About a month after she got raped, she had to go to the hospital because she wasn't feeling well. They ran some tests to find out what was wrong with her, and she found out that she has 3 types of cancer. She has Pancreas cancer, Stomach cancer and Liver cancer. She's also a diabetic, and she has osteoporosis, but she found out about her diabetes and osteoporosis years ago. I'm just mentioning that because now she has even more health problems to deal with.

I decided to go visit my mom, and I was visiting her for 3 weeks. My sister went with me to visit her and she decided to move up there and help mom out. I got home 17 days ago. I had my 31st birthday in September.

My mom is feeling fine right now. She has had 5 radiation treatments, and now she's feeling fine. She said that when she starts feeling bad again, that's when her doctor is going to give her more treatments. He won't give her more treatments now because she's not in any pain right now.

Other than that, my life is pretty much the same. I've been crocheting hats, scarves and headbands (mostly hats and headbands) for my business. I sell my stuff on eBay, and I've been doing well with my small business. I try to catch up with friends also. I go out for coffee with my friends every once in a while, because it's a relief from everyday life. We catch up on the latest gossip and then go back to our lives. We also have dinners and see movies together. I'm an entertainment fanatic so I love movies, but I've been trying for years, (and I'm still trying) to break free from entertainment. It's not easy.


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