My views about Random Acts Of Kindness

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My views about Random Acts Of Kindness

Post by Admin on Fri Dec 04, 2015 9:52 pm

I've been involved in Random Acts Of Kindness now for almost 5 months. It has been a great blessing. I'm not involved in it simply for the gifts I receive, but for the joy that I can bring to others. I love giving gifts to people, and I don't really expect anything in return, but I'm so surprised and happy when I do receive a gift. I have never been happier to be able to put a smile on someone's face. Sometimes gifts come for people at a time in their lives when they need to know that someone actually cares for them. Some of them have had deaths in their families, or they've been majorly sick and haven't felt well emotionally or physically. So the whole point is to brighten up their day with some gifts, even if you're just brightening their day for a short time. It still makes them happy. Someone shared an article that I read, and the article was about this guy who did nice things for people all the time. One day he was in line at the grocery store, and the woman in front of him had a 200 dollar grocery charge. She was going to call her bank and ask the bank if she had enough money for the groceries, but that guy said that he would pay for her groceries with his. She told him that he didn't have to do that, but he insisted. Once she realized that he really wanted to pay for them, she allowed him to do it. She gave him a hug and thanked him and asked what she can do for him in return. He told her just to pay it forward and do something nice for another person. She said that she would. I guess in a way, that was her lucky day because someone became kinda like a godsend for her. We can all learn lessons from those kinds of people.


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